We stock antique Wavy Glass in various stages of “wavy-ness”  from 1940’s slightly wavy, to 1920’s wavy with seeds, to 1910 and earlier “severe” wavy where your view through it ripples like a mosaic as you walk by.   Different time periods call for different wavy glass. If your kids just kicked a ball through the living room window in your 1908 Victorian home and you need a pane of glass to match what was there, WE PROBABLY HAVE IT.  If you’re looking to repair a number of smaller cracked panes of glass in your 1930’s Craftsman Colonial and don’t want them to stick out like sore thumbs, WE PROBABLY HAVE THE MATCHING WAVY GLASS.  Write with the sizes you need. Due to the age and fragility of this glass, we do not ship. Glass is to be delivered locally or picked up at the shop in Maplewood New Jersey. Priced by the piece and severity of the wavy.